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About the Artist

​​The noted wildlife sculptor Kate VanNoorden “captures the true spirit and personality of each individual animal,” say viewers who are invariably enchanted and enthralled by Kate’s skill in seeing beyond the physical, resulting in sculptures that reflect each animal’s distinctive character.

​Whether in terracotta, bronze or stone, she is always able to capture the essence, action and humorous characteristics of each subject. Many of her sculptures are designed in threes or females with their young, a concept that adds balance, interesting negative space and of course the humor in which she so delights.

The VanNoorden signature appears on sculpture in public forums and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Kate opens her home to friends for dog sitting which has provided many willing subjects to bring action and expression to her series – Walking the Dog


Kate and her husband live in Jupiter Farms, FL. Surrounded by her four-legged friends she creates sculpture in her spacious studio which she enjoys sharing with fellow sculptors who winter in the area.  

Kate donates a portion of  every sale to animal charities.


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