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Al. Central, SC

Kate's sculpture captures the essence of Sky, espicially her individual expression. The overall proportions are precisely correct. There is no hint of caricature in this work of art. It is quite natural. For these reasons, I LOVE IT!

Couch Potatoes

Maureen P. -Jupiter, FL

Kate not only captures the looks of the dogs but their personalities as well. Her heart and soul are in each sculpture she creates.

​Border Terriers

Carolyn S. -North Palm Beach, FL

Kate is a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. I commissioned her to do a sculpture of my 2 Border Terriers whom I love to death and she captured them exactly. A friend of mine saw the sculpture at a dog show and knew immediately that they were my dogs.

The La-Z Boy Gang

Lila P.-Bunnell, FL

​The way Kate captured the personalities of the dogs and how she was able to convey Dale's love for his favorite 4 is beyond words.From the time I sent her the first photograph until the arrival of the finished piece, Kate was a pleasure to work with. She even sent photos of the work in progress so I could see how it was coming along and offer any feedback I thought might help. The look in Dale's eyes when he saw the sculpture the first time was priceless. Now it sits on the credenza of our living room and is a conversation starter for everyone who sees it. Thank you Kate for creating such a precious family keepsake.


Dale P.-Bunnell, FL

I want to tell you how nice it is and what a beautiful job you did. It is absolutely beautiful. It's made my life worthwhile. Thank you so much!

John & Fegha

John & Nancy W. - West Palm Beach, FL (Piper Cairn Terriers and Irish Wolfhounds)

​Kate is an unbelievable artist - she did a piece for us to commemorate our Irish Woulfhound Fegha which is really touching. Her body of work ranges from extremely realistic jungle animals and birds to whimsical Norman Rockwell type scenes such as "Walking the Dog". She works with her clients and listens to their suggestions, it was a wonderful experience and a memorable piece of sculpture.

Fred & Mrs. Green

 Helen Z - Stuart, FL & Hayesville, NC

​Kate VanNoorden's talent and skill in her animal sculptures are a true reflection of her amazing spiritual connection to all creatures great and small. I met Kate when she was referred to us as a pet sitter for our beloved Fred, a goofy, boxer/ridgeback mix. Driving into her lovely grounds I was greeted by a large sculpture of bearsm birds and a home filled with the extraordinary collection of her life's work. I was particurarly drawn to her "Walking The Dog" series. Although Kate knew Fred well she had never met his companion, the grouchy parrot, Mrs. Green. Working from photos, Kate was able to capture not only their physical characterstics but their souls. This sculpture is a remarkable representation of our creatures. I believe only a true animal animal lover who can "see" her subjects could have accomplished this.

Sunshine & Snow


Deb Caulkins - Grand Rapids, MI

I first saw Kate's work at the Golden Retriever National Specialty and talked with her about doing a sculpture of my mother/daughter Goldens, Sunshine & Snow.  Kate described how she could create a sculpture with an area for their cremains inthe base, and I knew it would be the perfect tribute to my girls when the time came.  They are inseparable in life, so I wanted to keep them together after life as well.


Kate kept in close communication with me throughout, showing me pictures ofher progress.  We chose to have their Therapy Dog vests on them to further memorialize the impact they have had. Wehn the finished sculpture arrived, it brought tears to my eyes.  Kate did a beautiful job of capturing the look of Sunshine and Snow as they typically are when next to each other.  I will cherish it forever.

High Flyin' Quinn

 LuAnne Rogers - Revenna, OH

 Words can't adequately express what pleasure "High Flyin' Quinn" has brought to me. The entire inception to completion has been a wonderful experience. You so captured his enthusiasm for agility and love of life! I have the sculpture in a place of honor in my home and it makes me smile everytime I see it!  "High Flyin' Quinn" is a true treasure and by far the best gift I have ever given myself.

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